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Unlock your Potential

Yooniko is a specialized marketplace for Coaching and Mentoring Services.
We help our users achieve their career and life goals through personalized advice provided by a curated network of professional coaches and experienced mentors.

Yooniko is a robust, secure and scalable technology platform designed for coaching and mentoring services. We help you achieve your objectives and goals in life through personalized advice provided by a curated network of professional coaches and experienced mentors.

For Professionals

Professionals lose out on opportunities because they lack the necessary skills to manage unfamiliar situations or they do not present themselves effectively. Yooniko offers a powerful coaching and mentoring solution that automates a complex interaction process between you and your coach. We provide a set of tools and features that simplifies and enriches the engagement experience between you and your coach.

For Coaches

Yooniko is a marketplace designed for coaching and mentoring services. We offer a powerful customer acquisition and service delivery platform for career coaches, executive coaches and life coaches to connect with your clients. We also save you time and money by offering an integrated workflow that seamlessly manages your clients and handles all administrative aspects of your business.

For Enterprises

Do you struggle with aligning individual employee aspirations and corporate business goals? Investing in your team through external coaching and internal mentoring is the most valuable and sustainable talent management practice you can implement in your organization. Improved employee retention, increased engagement and an uptick in productivity are just some of the many benefits that could accrue to you.

The Yooniko Platform

Each of us, at some point in our lives, have felt the pain of losing out on a professional opportunity that could have catapulted our career. It could be a new job we are looking for or climbing the corporate ladder in our current career. Irrespective of the underlying situation, the core problem remains the same – How do we quickly acquire the skills that will help us succeed in whichever path we have chosen for ourselves?

The vast majority of us ‘learn’ on-the-job. We fail to chart out a well thought out plan, fumble our way around and try different tactics and maybe, just maybe, a few of us succeed in our chosen endeavor. Is it any surprise that most of us feel we have failed to achieve our professional aspirations? This is the way it’s always been.

Until now!

Imagine if you could reach out to experts who could hold your hand and guide you through the hurdles you face. Imagine not having to taste the bitterness of failed expectations, the time saved and the personal sense of satisfaction and increased confidence when you work consciously towards a clearly defined set of objectives and goals.

How we do it

Personalized Advice

Yooniko helps connect you with professional coaches and experienced mentors. Our experts will help you assess your current standing, collaboratively work with you to jointly evolve a specific goal and then review and monitor progress over a period of time through scheduled guidance sessions.

Market Network

Career planning and management or professional development is a long and complex process. There are hundreds of tools you could use and potentially thousands of people you could reach out to. But, how do you know who is right for you? Yooniko has created a curated network of experts. You can choose to work with either one expert or multiple coaches, depending on your budget and needs.

Collaborative Workspace

Coaching or mentoring, whilst offering strategic benefits, is highly transactional in nature. Yooniko automates a highly complex interaction process between you and your coach. We offer a variety of tools like calendaring and scheduling, a collaborative planning dashboard, powerful chat capabilities and an integrated document management system for a richer engagement experience.

Our Brand

The combination of ‘You’ and ‘Nike’ (the Greek goddess of victory) suggests at helping ‘you’ succeed in your life and career goals
The name Yooniko is also derived from the Latin word ‘Unicus’ or ‘Unus’ meaning One – achieving congruence between ‘aspirations’ and ‘reality’

  • The stylized ‘Y’, resembling a butterfly, indicates the metamorphosis users experience as they consciously plan for and direct their life. It also implies the relationship between the user and the coach on our platform. It’s akin to a spotlight / guiding light showing you the way (forwards and upwards)
  • The double O in the logo is joined together to represent Infinity or the potential inherent in each one of us
  • The color palette in the logo shifts from pale orange to deep magenta – the change and growth that users experience, as their self-awareness increases. The bright, warm tones signify friendliness and approachability.
  • The enunciation of ‘Yooniko’ has a touch of the feminine and the exotic indicating the nurturing, yet sophisticated persona of the brand
  • The lowercase, simple font represents the straightforward, non-nonsense style of the brand, which remains approachable, but elegant. No frills, just solid substance.

Our True North

In a world that seems to have lost it’s moral bearings, we believe there IS a better way to cultivate relationships and build enduring organizations
1. Fundamental Human Values: We recognize and celebrate respect for fundamental human values like Honesty, Integrity, Respect for Others and Thrift.
2. Culture of Meritocracy: We set high standards and we expect excellence but within our guiding context of High Values.
3. Set an Example: We will strive to leave people better off when they meet us. Empathize, listen and make a genuine effort to see the world from their perspective
4. Mentoring: We take a genuine interest in helping others. We’ve made it our personal mission to pay-it-forward with no expectation on the fruits of our actions
5. Optimism: Always give a positive spin. There will always be problems. Let us provide solutions, not point fingers
6. Communication: Communicate often and be totally transparent. It is better to confront bad news head-on. It is difficult to estimate the damage that can be caused by a failure to communicate or brushing bad tidings under the carpet
7. Availability: Be available 24 X 7. There are few things that convey respect as much as being on time for meetings or acknowledging and responding to e-mails within a defined period
8. Feedback: Actively seek feedback. Be considerate while giving and honest while receiving
9. Having Fun: We are passionate about and enjoy what we do. We truly believe we can make a qualitative and quantitative difference in the way millions of people work and live

Our Leadership

Ajit Manjappara

Ajit is the CEO and leads all vision, strategy and execution for Sales, Business Development, Operations, Finance, Investor Relations and Legal affairs. He has over 25 years of experience in Sales & Business Development. He has worked for large established organizations as well as small start-up companies. He has been involved in sales and marketing of consumer products as well as complex technical sales and is well versed in meeting revenue objectives through direct as well as indirect channels. Ajit has strong exposure to working in different geographies and has worked extensively in South Asia, the Middle East, Africa and North America. He has also acquired and managed clients in Europe and Australia.

Vishy Narayanan

Vishy is the CTO and leads all matters related to Engineering, R&D and Technology Operations. He has over 25 years of experience in a leadership role in several startup organizations and has successfully led the development of products to the Gartner leadership quadrant, on two separate occasions. His metrics driven approach to software development, keeping the business objectives in focus, has been key in growing or turning around organizations and leading to successful acquisitions. His career spans over 8 acquisitions, the last two of which resulted in him taking over the technology leadership for the acquiring organizations. Being technology agnostic, he is comfortable picking the right technology for the business problem and is comfortable operating both at a strategic level and down in the trenches.

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