The Future of Coaching and Mentoring
Coaching for the 21st century and beyond

Yooniko is a robust, scalable and secure platform that’s been specifically designed to transform coaching engagements in the 21st century. We are a powerful and versatile technology platform that caters to a wide range of coaching and mentoring scenarios.

Engagement Models

One-to-One Coaching

Set up a completely secure and private engagement with your designated coach or mentor. You can choose your coach based on their skills, experience, pricing and the different packages or services they offer to help you achieve your goals.

One-to-Many Coaching

Every person has their own unique set of goals and challenges that prevent them from achieving their objectives. However, you are not alone. There are others who may be facing a similar set of hurdles. Through this option, a single coach can enroll and address multiple participants at the same time in a group coaching session.

Many-to-one Coaching

It’s possible that no one single coach or mentor may be able to address all the different challenges you face. Yooniko offers you the flexibility of assembling your ‘team’ or ‘crew’, where you could work with multiple coaches who are experts in different areas

Network Coaching

Yooniko also offers the flexibility where you can engage with multiple coaches, at the same time, in a collaborative and secure environment. Each coach is aware of the discussions held with the other coaches and can adapt their strategies and inputs accordingly.

Yooniko Platform Gallery

Professionals fail to realize their potential and lose out on opportunities because of two primary reasons – they lack the necessary skills to manage situations they are not familiar with or they are unable to present and promote themselves effectively.

Recognizing this need, we present Yooniko!

Yooniko is a robust, scalable and versatile platform designed to meet the needs of the Coaching and Mentoring Industry. We connect and match people who need help with experts who provide them with the necessary guidance through a Market Network model. We have also automated a complex interaction process that takes place between the participants and provided a set of tools that simplifies and enriches the engagement experience.


Matching and Choosing

You can create rich profiles and provide detailed information on your interests, desired goals and your competencies. Yooniko will then provide you with a short-list of coaches who are experts in your areas of interest. You can review the different coaches based on their skills and experience and choose the coach who meets your budgetary requirements.

Collaborative Planning and Monitoring

It’s time to stay goodbye to generalized recommendations and cookie cutter templates. Every session with your coach can be completely customized to meet your own unique requirements. You can collaboratively evolve the broad objectives that need to be achieved along with specific goals and milestones that will help you track your progress and take corrective action, if required.

Information Repository

Stop wasting time trying to create folders and track documents that have been exchanged with your coach. We have provided an integrated document management system that makes it extremely easy to create folders and sub-folders, upload and download documents and grant access rights and privileges – all in one easy-to-setup and intuitive platform.

Scheduling and Calendaring

Avoid a flurry of e-mail communications trying to find a consultation slot that is convenient for you and your coach. Yooniko offers the ability to integrate multiple calendars, so that you can instantly see the date and time that your coach is free. You can then book an engagement slot and we automatically block both your calendars. We also send you an automatic reminder a few minutes before the meeting is scheduled to begin.

Rich Interactive Experience

Free yourself from time, space and geography constraints. Activate your session with your coach from the comfort of your home. Build a close and an accountable relationship with your coach. We have provided multiple modes of communication with your coach including text chat, audio calls and video calling capabilities. All communication takes place in secure peer-to-peer sessions.

Easy Reporting and Alerts

An in-built engine for providing information and reports that are intuitive, functional and easy-to-understand. Track and monitor data that is relevant to you. Learn how others are performing and progressing towards their goals and objectives. Understand quickly what’s working and what’s not. Be aware of upcoming tasks that need to be completed or scheduled meetings.

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